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Michelle supports pardoning Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafar

In the winter of 2005, Michelle was a passenger in a traffic stop in Bellevue Washington. Michelle was quiet and compliant while Bellevue Police Officers accused her of prostitution. She was with her significant other of seven years. At this time, Michelle owned and operated a financial firm in Puyallup, worked as a volunteer at a church and had five Loan Officer employees and three children at home. Michelle states, "The Police Officers disturbed our peace, falsely accused me, verbally and physically assaulted me and using their badge dishonorably".

When Michelle saw, "The Confession Tapes" on Netflix, she realized that if she was elected Lieutenant Governor, she could be in a position to urge the Governor to Pardon Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafar. In Washington state, the Governor can pardon and in Washington State, when the Governor leave the state on vacation, official business or for any purpose, the Lieutenant Governor, assumes the role of Governor. Michelle states that if for any reason she becomes the Governor of Washington State, her  first act and promise is to pardon Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafar.

Having confronting the Bellevue police department personally, Michelle cannot get through "The Confession Tapes" without tears. She states, "They gave me bruises for no reason, they verbally degraded me and broke my composure with an imaginary accusation, I was innocent of all crimes, If I could be in a position to pardon the innocent, there would be a purpose for the pain they caused me and my family with my false arrest". 

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