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Our government should be led by smart, empathetic, grass roots leaders, not career politicians. Michelle has impressive preparation to preside over the Washington State Senate. Michelle has prepared by studying business and government leadership, Transformational Leadership, and the Psychology of Organization Leadership in her undergraduate, Masters degree and Doctoral Studies. Michelle has held positions like; President, CEO, Director, Management Consultant, Business Analyst, Branch Manager, Instructional Designer, Teacher, and is an artist in all that she does. Michelle loves to write and is doing her Doctoral dissertation on comparing and contrasting the leadership styles valued in government with the leadership styles valued in business. Michelle is a both a researcher and expert in ethics and has discovered that government values Transformational Leadership and business values Emotional Intelligence Leadership. What is rare, is that Michelle is an authority in both. With this expertise, Michelle has the ability to build a bridge between government and business.

As Lieutenant Governor, Michelle will execute a second dissertation on disparity for the entire state to learn who is suffering and create a plan to inject solutions to our citizens. Michelle is multicultural and is highly charged to use her role as Lieutenant Governor to combat racism, homelessness, unfair policing, biases, disparity and suffering of our citizens. Michelle offers an academic, democratic, intellectual and small town common sense approach to leadership. Michelle brings the peoples perspective to our government. Michelle believes that the difference between government and business is that in business, if you cannot inspire people to action to complete a mission, while not wasting time or money, you don't eat. Government needs this perspective. 

Michelle Jasmer was approached by Washington voters to run for Lieutenant Governor because she is an accomplished leader. Washington State has never elected a woman into the Lieutenant Governor seat. Vote for Michelle Jasmer for Lieutenant Governor. Upon election, Michelle will be Washington's first woman Lieutenant Governor. As a licensee of Washington's Department of Financial Institutions and the Department of licensing Real Estate Division, Michelle has completed 12 years of financial ethics curriculum. Michelle is of EXPERT Level in financial ethics. Michelle is fair and doesn't owe anybody.

Michelle is authoring a book on a new leadership theory. This leadership theory reflects on ancient ecclesiastical writings sifted through modern business law. This book is called, "Firmly Fixed Nails", and is in progress. 

Committee to Elect Michelle Jasmer
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