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Michelle has created over eighty jobs in Washington with her own bare hands. She started with a mobile phone and a dream. Soon she had to move her business out of the living room and into a leased office. Michelle is one of the few to obtain certification to teach Entrepreneurship in Washington State Public Schools. Michelle will derive an effective and functional silver lining to most situations and builds up the people and organizations she comes in contact with. Michelle is a serial entrepreneur and an endless well of more ideas. Michelle wishes to lend her talents to the state of Washington as Lieutenant Governor to be present to offer new, common sense, and healthy ideas to serve Washington.

Michelle believes that with nCovid19, entrepreneurs will play an important role in new job creation in Washington. Michelle believes that nCovid19 may present an economic shift and new business will form. The biological environment of the estuary where fresh water meets salt water seems like chaos. With a closer look, in the estuary, species exist that are nowhere else in the world. It is the same with the chaos of uncertain times and business creation. In the chaos of uncertainty, new economic need will emerge. Entrepreneurs will drive economic growth by meeting new needs with the new venture creation process. Chaos and crisis can mother invention.

Michelle calls out to Washingtonians to form their greatest ideas to solve some of our new societal dilemmas created by nCovid19. Free classes on creating a business model exist in the Small Business Association website at Look for under served populations, think big, create many ideas and simplify, test your market, build a team of believers, redesign strategy to align with your customers. A business licensee with your name on it is 25.00. Rise up citizens, now is your time. 

Michelle believes that Entrepreneurship is a mindset or way of thinking that is opportunity focused, innovative, and growth oriented Allen, K. R. (2008) Launching New Ventures: An Entrepreneurial Approach Boston: Houghton Mifflin

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