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Abolish Obstruction

Michelle strongly believes that Washington State should abolish police officers arresting citizens for Obstruction of Justice. This is an abused charge, doesn't define a specific crime, and has been heavily used in unfair policing and racial profiling. Below are true stories from the Campaign Trail.

Kristin has a young adult male child that is bipolar. He was having an episode while driving and pulled over. He was distressed, wanted his family, so he began walking home to his parents for support. An officer saw him walking as he appeared distressed. So the Officer interrogated him about substances, accused him of being intoxicated, and arrested him for Obstruction of Justice.

Randy went to a trendy sports bar downtown Seattle after work one night to see the tail end of a Mariners game, he ordered a beer, barely drank any of it, and an argument broke out. Officers were nearby and responded with Billy clubs, Randy was backing away from the action, and and officer swung his club with all his might and shattered Randy's jaw. The officers arrested Randy for Obstruction of Justice to cover up their over reaction.

Michelle believes in justice. Michelle believes that when we allow Police Officers to invent law on the street, our pursuit of happiness can be interrupted. The Obstruction of Justice charge needs to be eliminated to have fair policing in Washington state.

As Lieutenant Governor, Michelle will encourage investigations into the Obstruction of Justice charge. Michelle believes that officers that often use this charge should be looked in to.


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