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Teacher + Entrepreneur + Financial Ethics Expert + Author  CEO + President + Artist + Inspirational Leader Doctoral Candidate + Broker + Director of Career and Technical Education + Loan Originator + Community Organizer

Michelle Jasmer will become Washington's First Woman Lieutenant Governor. 

1. Fair Policing

1.  Michelle believes that all Washington State Police Officers should wear body cameras at all times. Body cameras will tell the true story of what happens during an arrest. Citizens have the right to know.

2.  Michelle believes that we have hired bullies. We need to swiftly remove Police Officer bullies. Some individual Police Officers have taken liberty to use their badge and gun improperly and will continue to do so if we don't remove them from their post. Washingtonians should demand investigations when citizens are charged with Obstruction of Justice. This charge is used to hide police mistakes, and wrong doing. 

3.  Michelle believes that all Washington State Police and Sheriff Departments should Adopt the US Army's directives on leadership and be mandated to use Emotional Intelligence in their jobs. 

“Leadership is the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.” A leader is anyone who by virtue of assumed role or assigned responsibility inspires and influences people to accomplish organizational goals. Police Officers need to adopt the above ideal and be taught and learn to use          Emotional Intelligence in their job. Harvard Professor Daniel Golemen teaches the commanding leadership style is needed in 10% of situations. Police may need the commanding leadership style more often, but the are using it too much.

When a person is arrested, a police officer should not use intimidation, name calling, degrading language. Instead a Police Officer should be obligated to inspire a citizen toward a mission of valuing people and society. Police often are verbally abusive to citizens in the arresting process. I can fight for this cause, and accomplish equity and equality for all citizens. If a human makes a mistake, society should help them reintegrate and restore them to justice.

2. Increase Career and Technical Education Requirements from 1 class to 5

Washington State currently requires students to take one Career and Technical Education (CTE) elective to graduate. Michelle believes this should increase from one to five spanning 7th grade to 12th grade. This involves retrofitting electives to career oriented classes teaching 21st century skills. We need to do this because;

(1) 20% of Washington Seniors do not graduate Washington State Board of Education (2019) More CTE courses will give students more tools for career if they drop out. Reality is that they are dropping out and we need to protect them better with career preparation.

(2) 70% of Americans do not earn a Bachelors degree Symonds (2011). Preparatory and exploratory coursework in career helps most students make decisions about their futures while in high school.                 

The Administrative structure currently exists, increasing these requirements can be funded by the Carl D. Perkins Grant Vocational funding and enhanced funding already in place. This decision would better prepare Washington students with exploratory and preparatory relevant 21st century jobs. Additionally we already have teachers in place, they just need to morph the curriculum. As a past Career and Technical Education Director, I am the only candidate that understands this process.


1. Home Economics becomes Culinary Arts Class is taught by a Executive Chef. students complete food safety professional course and obtain a health card and mimic culinary school course work

2. Wood Shop becomes Construction Trades Class is taught by a Project Manager, students learn construction estimating, materials use, building codes and construction site safety

3. Art class becomes Visual Communications Graphic Design Class taught by a Graphic Designer Students write and design brochures, logos and Power points to be used by government and business 

4. French, German, Spanish, and Japanese adds translation for business and government becoming dual credit  

Michelle believes that most non-international baccalaureate electives can be made career oriented including AVID, Career choices for Union Trades, ROTC, Foreign language with interpreting state forms. 

3. Comprehensive Plan to Combat Homelessness

Michelle supports a comprehensive plan to combat homelessness. Michelle believes, this begins with changing government policies, administrative code and eliminating business bias. Currently only some select Washington's licensed Loan Originators can facilitate down payment assistant programs. The Attorney Generals Office needs to change this and not hold bias toward sects of licensed professionals. This practice increases homelessness.

Michelle believes that landlords should only legally be permitted to go back two years into a persons income and credit history to determine tenancy. Rental applicants endure to harsh of application processes. In some cases credit check background information goes back 10 years. FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional and Non QM mortgage lending only require two years of income information. Why are landlords allowed to be stricter than conventional and government home loan lending guidelines? As an licensed expert in both Landlord Tenancy, Real Estate and Mortgage, Michelle knows precise obstacles to citizens gaining residency. Michelle believes that access to home ownership solves many of society's issues. As Lieutenant Governor Michelle will begin working on this on day one.

Michelle acknowledges that we must be honest about who is homeless. There are more homeless people that we acknowledge. 


Who is Michelle Jasmer? 

Raised in Orting Washington, Michelle is a grassroots inspirational leader in government and in business. Michelle is an experienced leader and prepared parliamentarian to lead and preside over the senate. As a double minority, Cape Verdean (Portuguese and African) and Irish heritage, Michelle is against injustice and biases. Michelle put her self through her Bachelors degree, Masters Degree and Doctorate as a single parent. As a Washington State Career and Technical Education Director and Teacher, Michelle advocates Washington increasing career oriented course work for high school graduation from one class to five.

Michelle is enthusiastic to ensure all Washington citizens are treated equally especially when it come to government fees. Michelle believes it is improper for some citizens to not have to pay excise tax when using the quit claim deed, while some types of relationships are required to pay thousands. 

Michelle supports a comprehensive plan to combat homelessness. Michelle believes, this begins with changing government policies, administrative code and eliminating business bias. As an licensed expert in both Real Estate and Mortgage, Michelle knows precise obstacles to citizens gaining residency. Michelle believes that access to home ownership solves many of societies issues. As Lieutenant Governor Michelle will begin working on this on day one.

Vote for Michelle Jasmer to become Washington's first woman Lieutenant Governor. Michelle's Policy initiatives are rights for women, children, handicapped both physically and mentally, the elderly, and making it easy for small businesses to form in Washington. Michelle promotes that women and minorities should hold more business leadership roles and government posts should be occupied by more women and minorities. 


1. The Washington State Board of Education,  March 2019 Board Meeting, Class of 2018 Graduation Rates,

2. Symonds, William C., Robert Schwartz, and Ronald F. Ferguson. 2011 Pathways to prosperity: Meeting the challenge of preparing young Americans for the 21st century. Cambridge MA: Pathways to Prosperity Project, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

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